Project Implicit

New Religion IAT launched

Posted by projectimplicit on June 20, 2009

A new featured task measuring relative preferences for religions appeared today at the Demonstration site.  The task uses the new Brief IAT (Sriram and Greenwald, in press, Experimental Psychology).  The Brief IAT (patent pending) is an efficient version of the IAT allowing measurement of associations with perhaps 1/3 of the trials of a “normal” IAT.  The Religion IAT uses a novel 4-category format of the Brief IAT.  In this format, it is possible to measure relative associations strengths of four different religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam and either Hinduism or Buddhism) with good.  Feedback is provided visually as a relative ranking of the four religions.

We employed this relative ranking format during the 2008 U.S. presidential primaries as well to obtain relative ranks of the Democratic and Republican candidates.  There is no formal manuscript reporting these results, or the methodological details of the 4-category Brief IAT format.  Such a manuscript may be forthcoming later this year.

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